Where in the House Does Farmer John Keep His Pigs?

August 20, 2023
David Sunnyside

Where in the house does farmer john keep his pigs

Farmer John is a gentle, well-meaning figure who treats the farm animals with respect. He is also clumsy, short-sighted and prone to misjudging situations. While he is not above punishing errant livestock, he does not like to do it and prefers to delegate responsibilities to Bitzer. He also seems unaware that his beloved canine is highly intelligent, treating him more like a tool than a companion.

Despite the Farmer's attempts to keep his animals happy, they grow restless and begin to question their lives. The animals become enchanted with a man who visits the farm from time to time, named Mr. Pilkington. He is wealthy and educated, and has plans to modernize the farm with windmills. He is on poor terms with Frederick Jones, whom he sees as the enemy of animalism.

Another visitor to the farm is Moses, a raven who spreads rumours of Sugarcandy Mountain, a place where animals go when they die. The pigs try to dispel Moses' lies, but the other animals are swayed by his promises of pleasure and plenty.

In early 2016, the farmers at Mossy Bottom Farm switched away from gestation crates. The family was motivated by concerns over the health of their breeding pigs, but removing the crates has created other challenges. Their hogs have less space to root and wallow, and they must find ways to prevent them from fighting each other. In addition, the lack of crates means the animals have to be moved more frequently. The farm has had to invest in new technology to track the pigs, and the change has added up to a substantial financial hit.

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