Where is Clipboard on iPhone?

December 25, 2023
David Sunnyside

When you're copying text or images between apps on your iPhone, the clipboard is a handy feature that temporarily stores the content. You can then paste the data into other apps to use it. For instance, you can paste an address into Maps or a photo into a social media post.

Using the iPhone's clipboard is straightforward. Simply select the text or media that you want to copy, and then tap and hold it until a menu appears with a variety of options. Depending on the app, you may have the ability to select multiple items at once or choose from different styles of text formatting. If you're using the Notes app, for example, you can create a shortcut to paste frequently used text into the app. You can also access your clipboard by swiping down on the screen (or swiping up on newer iPhone models) to open Control Center, and then tapping the Clipboard button at the top of the page.

However, many users are curious as to how they can see what's in their iPhone's clipboard history. Unfortunately, there's no built-in way to view the contents of the clipboard on iOS devices.

The best solution is to install a clipboard manager app that keeps a record of what you've copied. Paste 2 is a popular option, but there are several other options as well. For more helpful iPhone and iPad tips, be sure to sign up for our daily Tips of the Day newsletter.

David Sunnyside
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