Where is Lori Drew Now?

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

After a long hiatus Lori Drew began painting and drawing again full time. She has a passion for art and is excited to be back in the business. She has shown her work in numerous exhibitions and has a great following on social media. Her art is an expression of her feelings and the world around her. She enjoys painting and drawing people and places she has visited.

She has a wide variety of styles and enjoys the challenge of putting her vision on canvas. She also does commissioned portraits. She has worked as a photographer, graphic designer, and in marketing/public relations.

Prosecutor Jack Banas acknowledged that a lack of evidence played a significant role in his decision not to file charges against Lori Drew. But he insisted that the case was a first of its kind and that she violated the terms of service for her phony account with MySpace.

The prosecution claimed that Drew used the fake name of "Josh Evans" to bully Megan Meier. A former employee of Lori's, 18-year-old Ashley Grills, testified that she wrote most of the messages to Meier and that she wrote the final message telling Meier that the world would be a better place without her in it.

Internet webloggers posted photographs, telephone and e-mail information, and the addresses of the Drews and their employees on various websites. Their home was vandalized. Several businesses that had advertised in their coupon book business shunned them.

David Sunnyside
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