Where is Monica Lewinsky's Dress Now?

November 27, 2023
David Sunnyside

Almost two decades have passed since Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress became a symbol of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. The former White House intern wore the Gap size 4 dress in January of 1998, when she had a “passionate romance” with President Bill Clinton. The stained outfit was later sold on the auction website Catawiki for $3,300.

In a November 1997 interview with Linda Tripp, Lewinsky said she had kept “apparently as a kind of souvenir a garment that bore the semen stain” from oral sex with the president. She told Tripp she intended to turn the dress over to investigators, but Tripp allegedly discouraged her from doing so.

But where is the infamous dress now? Lewinsky herself hasn’t seen it in years. She’s tried to find anonymity in New York City, where tabloid headlines still call her names like “Portly Pepperpot” and “Monica Eats Potato Chips.” She started a handbag line in 1999 and worked as a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, and she even hosted a 2003 Fox dating show with a sexy name, Mr. Personality (think The Bachelor or Love Is Blind, except the suitors wore creepy masks).

But as the world moves into the #MeToo era, Lewinsky says it’s time to bury the blue dress. “It’s just been so incredibly painful to see the way I was used, and I think the only thing that’s going to help me heal is putting it out of my life,” she writes in Vanity Fair.

David Sunnyside
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