Where is the Bermuda Triangle Located on Google Maps?

March 14, 2024
David Sunnyside

Despite its spooky reputation as the Bermuda Triangle, the region of the Atlantic Ocean where many ships and planes have mysteriously disappeared is no more dangerous than any other part of it. That's a sentiment that has been shared by officials and scientists, even though it's impossible to completely rule out the possibility of supernatural or unexplained disappearances.

Nevertheless, the Bermuda Triangle is a popular topic for mystery stories and paranormal research, which have led to various maps of it. Some of these maps show the locations where the alleged disappearances occurred, while others attempt to highlight possible explanations for the mysteries that surround the Bermuda Triangle.

One of the most interesting maps of the Bermuda Triangle is created by the US Navy, which describes the area as "not an official region or area of any particular danger." The Navy's map also shows that the vertices of the Bermuda Triangle are Miami, San Juan and Bermuda, while it notes that the area is one of the most heavily-traveled shipping lanes in the world and commercial and pleasure craft often sail through it without incident.

However, if you go to Google Maps and search for Bermuda Triangle, all you'll find is a blank blue map of the North Atlantic Ocean. That's because the Bermuda Triangle is not a real place, but rather a mythical phenomenon based on legends and superstitions. Even so, some map makers have attempted to mark the imaginary location of the Bermuda Triangle on Google Maps by using different definitions for the area's boundaries. Some of them have made the Bermuda Triangle look like a rectangle, while others have drawn it in the shape of a kite.

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