Where is the Clipboard on My iPhone?

January 24, 2024
David Sunnyside

When you copy content on your iPhone, it gets stored in a clipboard. This allows you to move the copied content between apps. It’s similar to the memory in a calculator’s memory that can be recalled for multiple calculations. But unlike some computer programs, the iPhone doesn’t have a clear way to view what’s in the clipboard. Thankfully, there are workarounds for this.

In this article, we’ll show you how to see what’s in the clipboard on your iPhone using several methods. We’ll cover three main options: using Notes, creating a custom Shortcut, and an app called Adjust Clipboard.

Using Notes

The most straightforward option for viewing the contents of your clipboard on your iPhone is to use Apple’s Notes app. Simply create a new note and paste whatever you’ve copied in there. You can then use the shortcut to view and edit your clipboard history whenever you want.

Using Shortcuts

If you’re looking for a more flexible way to access the contents of your clipboard, try creating a custom shortcut. To do this, head to the Shortcuts app and search for “Adjust Clipboard.” When you find it, select it and follow the instructions to create your shortcut.

With these three approaches, you should have no problem finding out where is the clipboard on my iphone. Keep in mind that you can only have one item in your clipboard at a time. This is likely a design choice to help protect user safety.

David Sunnyside
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