Where to Find Charcadet in Pokemon World of Warcraft

April 1, 2024
David Sunnyside

As Burnt Charcoal that came to life, this Pokemon has a fiery spirit and will fight even against strong opponents. Its mighty Blade Slash can steal enemy HP, making it a dangerous addition to any team. This Gen 9 Fire-type Pokemon can evolve into Armarouge in Pokemon Scarlet or Ceruledge in Pokemon Violet by completing special requirements. While the latter requires leveling up and base Friendship, the former is a bit more tricky as it also requires specific in-game items.

Luckily, both of these items are easy enough to obtain, and the process for each depends on which version of Pokemon you're playing. In both cases, you'll need to visit the city of Zapapico and head to the small water fountain near the center of town. There, you'll see an NPC with an orange speech bubble that indicates they want to trade. The man in question will want different items depending on your game: For Pokemon Scarlet, he'll demand 10 Bronzor Fragments; for Pokémon Violet, it's 10 Sinistea Chips.

Once you have the required number of these items, simply give them to the NPC in order to trigger your charcadet's evolution. Once the item has been given, the Pokemon will automatically evolve into the corresponding form. Once evolved, this Pokemon will be able to learn a new move called Bitter Blade, which causes the opponent's Defense to drop to its lowest point. This makes it easier for the victim to be slashed with a devastating Blade Slash that'll drain their HP and potentially knock them out.

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