Where Was Blue Lagoon Filmed?

February 19, 2024
David Sunnyside

When you're stranded on a remote tropical island, you don't want to go without a drink. That's why the film crew had to come up with a special trick for Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins to keep their lips sealed. It involved a fake nose and a pair of dummy fingers!

Where was blue lagoon filmed

The movie was shot on the island of Nanuya Levu in Fiji, part of the Yasawa Islands. The filmmakers worked with the local community to make sure they had minimal impact on the environment and cultural heritage of the area. The film's success led to increased tourism to Fiji, and the director was committed to ensuring that the locations used in the film were preserved for years to come.

Filming also allowed the cast and crew to immerse themselves in the vibrant culture of Fiji. The Fijian people welcomed the cast and crew with open arms, enhancing the authenticity of the film's tropical setting. Filming also helped to showcase the natural beauty of Fiji and its secluded islands to the world.

Despite the positive reception of the film, it wasn't a hit with everyone. The Razzies awarded Shields a Worst Actress nod, and the movie's costume team had to rework the original plot to keep Shields' breasts covered. Nevertheless, the movie is still well worth watching, especially if you're interested in learning about Fijian culture and history. The secluded beaches and crystal-clear waters are breathtaking, and the iguanas are fascinating creatures.

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