Where Was Prey Filmed?

January 8, 2024
David Sunnyside

Prey is a thrilling science-fiction western, directed by Dan Trachtenberg. The movie updates the Predator franchise that started with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1987 horror action flick, with Amber Midthunder in the starring role as Naru, an 18th-century Comanche warrior who must fight a highly evolved alien predator. It’s a gripping tale of survival and determination that’s filmed in gorgeous filming locations and combines action, suspense, and an eerie atmosphere.

Despite being a modern-day blockbuster, Prey is filmed 99% outside and only 1% on a soundstage. This shows the filmmakers’ commitment to delivering an authentic cinematic experience to viewers. The attention to detail can be seen from the dense forests to the abandoned prison that serves as a key location for many scenes. Moreover, the use of practical effects and minimal CGI contributes to the film’s gritty aesthetic.

Another impressive aspect of the movie is its haunting soundtrack. The evocative music was composed by a renowned artist and seamlessly blends with the film’s visuals. It heightens the emotional impact of key scenes and enhances viewer engagement with the story.

The filming location for most of Prey is the Stoney Nakoda Nation, west of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In addition, some scenes were filmed at Moose Mountain and Elbow River in Calgary. The rocky landscapes of the Saxon Switzerland National Park in Saxony, Germany also served as a backdrop for some of the film’s outdoor shots. This rocky terrain is an ideal spot for hiking, drawing hikers and nature lovers from around the world.

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