Which applications offer an ad-free experience to users?

March 2, 2022
Natalie Thorburn

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We use various mobile apps during the day. Mobile apps are a necessary part of our daily lives, from setting our daily alarms to spending our free time playing a favorite game. Mobile technology has come a long way since its inception. Mobile apps are monetized by developers and big companies depending on their use.

How Do Apps Make Money?

We all know how top mobile app developers earn tons of money when downloading and using their apps. The app developers typically make money by displaying ads or in-app purchases. Google Play Store has over 3.48 million apps approximately, with an average of 3739 apps added every day! A staggering and unbelievable number of apps indicates the tireless efforts of app developers constantly working towards reaching their goals.

One does not require rocket science to understand how paid, and ad-laden apps make money. Of course, in-app purchases earn money from us when we download and pay for getting more features in the app. However, a puzzling and more complex question would be how ad-free apps make money.

There are countless monetizing options for ad-free apps as it does not necessarily imply the absence of in-app purchases. Besides in-app purchases, ad-free apps earn by integrating the brands appearing as sponsor logos or banners.

Beware of the Scams

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With the exponential technological growth, there is a sharp increase in the number of scams that trick people into unwanted downloads and purchases. Therefore, one must be vigilant in knowing what the apps demand and necessitate during or after downloads.

Online scammers generally use the name of a well-known company or brand. A similar thing happened with AirG, where AirG spam was all over the place.

However, the crisis averted quickly as AirG acted on time and instantly mended the issue.

Some Ad-Free Apps for You

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We love all the apps that make our lives better from a user perspective. However, the row of unwanted ads often annoys us to the brim. Manipulative and excessive ads ruin the mood and flow of the use in the case of gaming. So, here we have made a list of gaming and other apps that ensure seamless service without watching tons of unwanted ads.


This app has become synonymous with instant messaging, video calling, and groups chats. You can share as many photos, videos, documents, and contacts via WhatsApp without even the tiniest bit of an ad. It is very popular among users of every age.

The best thing about this app is its ad-free app. You are not constantly bombarded with possible products you can buy or other related apps you can download. Android users might have forgotten instant messaging and only remember to "WhatsApp" things!

Another significant reason this ad-free app has broken download and usage frequency records is totally free. You do not have to pay anything to download it, and you can continue using it for as much time as you want.

It is rated as the best social communication app in the history of app development. It is laden with extended free features, such as live location sharing, group calls, making seamless long-distance calls. Your phone carrier does not matter; you only have to connect it to an active internet connection.


WeChat is another top-rated android and iPhone app that offers an ad-free experience to its users. It is a communication app, and like WhatsApp, you can share media files, GIFs, voice notes, documents, and many other items.

It also has a group chat feature to add up to hundred members. This app is a competitor of the previous one but does not come close to its download statistics. However, it remains an excellent alternative to WhatsApp.


If you are tired of watching forced ads between thrilling games that you never wanted to pause, then try this excellent fantasy role-playing game requiring real-time strategy. This game allows you to submerge yourself in an enthralling experience of epic battles that stimulate your mental capacities.

Even the level-ups and unlocking various abilities and armor do not require watching unwanted ads. You have to keep making the hero win battles so that you can upgrade your equipment and unlock more potential. This game is free to download on Android but costs about $2.99 on Apple Store.


This classic logic puzzle game is only available on Android Play Store. It is one of the most like and top-rated games based on traditional logic and mental stimulation. It is an excellent game inculcating coding and decoding techniques in the users.

You can download it for free and keep playing without in-app purchases or unwanted apps. The players have to guess a color code for which they get a specific number of trials. The colors have to be guessed in the correct position of the order.

You may find other games based upon a similar logic principle, but users love mastermind as it offers an ad-free experience. Now, you can download and play your favorite games without unwanted interruption by ads.

Sand:box – Relaxing game

The Apple and Google Play Stores are packed with various relaxing apps that help you sharpen your focusing abilities and attention spans. However, the annoying ad pop-ups ruin the whole mood while meditating, working, or concentrating very hard.

Sand:box – relaxing game is an exceptional experience with 50 different materials or components. You can calmly sit and relax while watching your chosen components mix and build creative things. The interaction of sand with other elements or materials is very relaxing to watch. It is an excellent app for unwinding after a tiring day at work.


It is one of the best mobile card games that appoints you as the leader. You have all the reigns of the cult and have to steer it ahead in the face of various circumstances. As the cult leader, the decision you make matters the most.

Do you think you have the ability to a cult reach its peak? It is an exciting game that keeps you on the edge of your seat as you swerve through the game uninterrupted.


If you are a nerdy geek and look forward to various critical global updates, then this official application of NASA should be your haven. It is a full-fledged database that the officials constantly update. You can receive different space images, videos, and news regarding space missiles and international space stations. The best feature of this app is its ad-free experience.

Now, you can surf through all the statistics and data without any ads luring you into buying things or visiting their social media pages.

Stranger Things: The Game

Available on Android and iPhone, this game is officially developed by BonusXP and collaborated with Netflix. The game offers an ad-free experience to the users, enhancing its popularity. The game plot is set in 1984 and has all the suitable elements that emanate a retro-feel.

Playing this game will transport you back to the 1980s video games. The game comprises exploring a town called Hawkins. The players have to move up in the game by solving various puzzles.


This minimalist puzzle game is very entertaining and addicting. You have to lead the ball in the designated goal with minimal bounces. This game is an excellent practice of skill, shots, and finesse. It is entirely free of cost and without ads.

The Bottom Line

The fact that users prefer downloading apps without any initial fee and ads never gets old. Ad-free experience of apps is one of the top priorities of users. Who likes to be interrupted time and again by unwanted ads during a critical stage of the game? Ad-free apps are also a great way to help gain users' trust and earn a reputation.

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