Which Area of Corporate Law is Connected to Technology?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

The world of corporate law encompasses a vast range of issues. Sure, many lawyers work on contracts, but they also deal with intellectual property, internal legal issues in HR, disputes from contractors and former employees, compliance with government regulations, etc. Some of these issues are best handled with technology, such as legacy software modernization for document automation or allowing clients to sign contracts digitally. But some of the tasks that require human judgement cannot be automated and remain ill-suited to computerization, such as assessing personal injury cases or legal research.

Technology law is also about ensuring that the e-commerce industry space functions optimally through laws relating to privacy and security, including the protection of data from unauthorized access by third parties. This involves setting protocols for optimal e-discovery and defining company policies on information security. The law also addresses copyrighting issues ranging from fair use to transformative work and ownership concerns.

Another aspect of the integration of technology in corporate law is the fact that it helps improve conflict resolution efficiency. This is due to the accessibility, transparency, and cost-efficiency of company data security, which translates into improved access to dispute resolution processes for all stakeholders.

As a result, the technology industry is constantly transforming the reality that is regulated by law. This can generate tensions with the existing legal framework. For example, technological developments may challenge the way in which commercial law allocates gains and risks from innovation, and represses conduct that produces negative effects.

David Sunnyside
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