Which Has Been a Negative Impact of Technology Apex?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

Which has been a negative impact of technology apex

As the technology continues to play a role in our society, it becomes important to recognize its potential for good or bad. While it can bring people closer together, give nearly unlimited access to knowledge and promote freedom of expression, it can also cause harm by invadeing privacy, diminishing personal interaction, reducing employment, contributing to environmental damage and creating social inequalities through automation.

The development of advanced technologies requires a lot of resources, including raw materials and energy to manufacture them. These products are then transported worldwide, adding to the carbon footprint that contributes to global warming and air pollution. Additionally, many of these tools require extensive training and maintenance. As these technologies have become more complex, entire industries and organizations have grown up to develop and support them.

Using data analytics, APEX helps to connect technology developers with the needs of the Department of the Air Force. It moves away from the current paradigm of vertically oriented transitions, where a single need is matched with a specific technology based upon “who-knows-who,” to a horizontal orientation that enables multiple technologies to be paired with multiple needs. This allows for a more open and transparent process that will lead to a true partnership between technology providers and consumers. APEX also ensures the best value is delivered for the Air Force’s investment.

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