Which My Little Pony Am I?

December 9, 2023
David Sunnyside

Throughout the years, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has become one of the most popular cult series for adults and children alike. The series is well known for emphasizing the importance of teamwork and synergy in a beautiful way. Whether it’s brainy Twilight Sparkle, shy and loving Fluttershy, or party-loving Pinkie Pie, the characters have won hearts all over Equestria.

Which MLP character are you? Take our fun quiz and find out!

Twilight Sparkle is a unicorn with an infatuation for books and a knack for magic. She is a good friend of Princess Celestia, but she wants to explore other aspects of life. Twilight is sent to Ponyville with her pet dragon, Spike, and she is surprised to learn that her magic isn’t the only thing to live for.

Rarity is a glitzy pony with an obsession for style and glamour. She is a loyal and generous friend and often puts the needs of others before her own. Rainbow Dash is a fast and confident pegasus who loves to fly and soar through the sky. She is a lovable and dependable friend that never fails to come through when her friends need her.

Pinkie Pie is a bubbly, enthusiastic and outgoing pony who loves to have a good time. She has a bouncy mane and even bouncier personality, and she makes her friends smile and laugh with her crazy antics. She is a great host and loves to organize parties for her friends.

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