Which of the Following Best describes the Effect That New Information Technology Has on Society?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

The question: which of the following best describes the effect that new information technology has on society?

Answer: b). It boosts productivity and allows people to work smarter.

It allows for the storage and processing of massive amounts of data, which is a vital part of business processes. Increasingly, this data is being stored in the cloud (a third-party service that maintains large amounts of information) and is being processed using algorithms such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. These technologies also facilitate new ways of analyzing data and making decisions, which are bringing about efficiencies.

A key part of this is the convergence of different systems. For example, voice and telephony features in smartphones have been combined with data and productivity applications. This has boosted productivity and enabled people to communicate with colleagues, clients and friends via text messages or video calls.

This includes technologies that enable people with physical or cognitive impairments to navigate computers and mobile devices, including software, websites and computer applications. It also covers accessible design, which is the process of designing Web sites and other technology to be understood and used by all users, regardless of vision, hearing or motor ability.

This article has highlighted some of the main developments that have happened in information technology over the last thirty years. The purpose of this report is to examine their impact on the general society and how these impacts can be justifiable and what effects they have had in the broader sense of the word.

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