Which of the Following is a Challenge of Adopting Technology?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

Technology is helping companies become more efficient and productive. However, new technology is only as valuable as the people that use it. If the adoption process is not handled well, a company’s benefits may never be realized.

Which of the following is a challenge of adopting technology?

The initial stages of implementing new technology are usually met with some resistance from employees. Some of them worry that they will lose their job, while others are concerned that the new technology will disrupt the workflow and cause more problems than it solves. Nevertheless, with the right communication strategy, employees can be convinced that the new technology will help them perform their jobs more effectively.

Another issue is the cost of integrating and using new technology. New tools require a considerable financial investment, from purchasing equipment to training employees. For SMEs, these expenses might be too high to justify investing in new technology. Moreover, the costs are often exacerbated by the lack of in-house IT expertise to handle technical issues.

Employees are also worried that the new technology might replace them. This fear should be addressed early on to avoid a negative backlash and ensure that the new technology is implemented in a way that doesn’t displace employees. One way to do this is by establishing a phased approach that allows staff to test the new technology on a small scale and gradually expand its use over time. Moreover, it’s essential to choose technology that is compatible with existing systems. This will prevent any data loss or disruption during the transition.

David Sunnyside
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