Which of the Following is Not one of the Current Key Technology Trends That Raises Ethical Concerns?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

Which of the following is not one of the current key technology trends that raises ethical concerns:

Advanced software programs are able to invade your personal computer and gather information about you without giving you the chance to stop them. These types of programs are called invasive software, and they can be used to create a digital twin of you and then experiment with you for various reasons including testing the effects of certain medications. This type of technology raises a lot of ethical questions that must be addressed by society.

Another important ethical concern that has to do with the latest technological advances is the use of data mining to find out a lot of personal information about you. This can be done through advanced data analysis techniques for large pools of personal information which companies and government agencies have access to now more easily than ever before.

Using technology to make homes smarter is also a trend that is causing ethical concerns. For example, smart ring devices can allow owners to open their garage door simply by tapping it with their finger, and sensors in yoga pants can help people improve their posture.

Another example of a trend that is causing an ethical issue is carbon capture which takes in the carbon dioxide emissions produced by power plants and industrial facilities and then turns it into something useful like fuel or concrete. This technology is gaining in popularity, and it will likely be necessary for a greener world.

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