Which of the Tools Used During the Evacuation Process Can Be Wireless and Use Bluetooth?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

Evacuation is a critical part of disaster response. The faster it can take place, the less the chance of panic and injury. It requires the proper training of employees, the correct equipment and the proper communication between emergency responders and the occupants.

Many of these tools can be wireless and use bluetooth to communicate with one another. Using this technology can speed up the process because it reduces the amount of time spent locating the evacuation routes, the fire source or finding people trapped in the building. In addition, the system can identify where the occupants are located and give directions to get them out of the building safely.

There are also some tools that can be used that do not use bluetooth but can still help with the evacuation process. For example, a transport chair allows individuals with mobility limitations to move down or up stairs. It is important to know the type of person you are assisting in order to select the right transportation device.

Another tool that can be helpful in a disaster is an evacuation sheet that allows individuals to mark their location. This is especially useful in health care environments for evacuating bedridden patients. In addition, this tool can be a good way to identify staff members for evacuation purposes. Other tools that are helpful include evacuation forms, pens and caution tape. These can be stored in the evacuation toolbox and used when needed.

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