Which One is the Correct Choice?

March 27, 2024
David Sunnyside

Which one is the correct choice?

The answer to this is a bit tricky. The OP is right that when which or who are fronted in an interrogative main clause, obligatory subject-auxiliary verb inversion occurs. This means that the subject will either be sandwiched between would - be and that, or it will appear before the verb.

In current usage, which applies to things, and who refers chiefly to persons. However, it is still possible to use that to introduce restrictive clauses, though such usage is virtually nonexistent in present-day edited prose. As for the two examples in the OP: both are "correct" -- but they have different subjects, and this is what matters in terms of formal subject-verb agreement. We can verify this by converting each into a declarative main clause: 1.a) That one is you. 2.b) You are that one.

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