Which Piece of Audio Technology Celebrated Its 55th Anniversary in 2018?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

It’s hard to say which piece of audio technology celebrated its 55th anniversary in 2018. The year was packed with exciting new products, innovations and milestones. Apple’s HomePod was the most buzzy, but other brands launched their own versions of intelligent smart speakers, including Noveto. Its focussed audio devices deliver sound straight to the listener’s ears, bypassing headphones altogether.

The year also saw Rochester’s first state-of-the-art recording facility open its doors. The $3 million investment includes a high-end recording studio, control room and mixing rooms, as well as a sound design lab. It’s a big win for the University’s six-year-old audio and music engineering program.

Meanwhile, a rudimentary carbon microphone was invented by David Edward Hughes in 1875. It was used on Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone and Edison’s phonograph, although it didn’t seek a patent. The same year, Oliver Lodge designed the moving coil loudspeaker, which has been used on every speaker since.

This year at CES, a number of tech companies showcased devices that make hearing aids obsolete. Orosound, for example, develops technologies adapted to different age groups and sound perception sensitivity, while also providing equal opportunities to women.

On stage, the 60th Grammy Awards delivered all the drama and excitement audiences have come to expect. Audio specialist Sennheiser had a crucial role to play, with their wireless microphones in use by many of the night’s winners. They included Album of the Year winner Bruno Mars and Record of the Year winner Kendrick Lamar.

David Sunnyside
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