Which Statement Defines the Use of Powerline Networking Technology?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

The article describes the use of powerline networking technology to extend your home network without the cost of Ethernet cables and hassle of running Ethernet cables. It is also useful for avoiding Wi-Fi dead zones in your house where your router’s wireless signal can’t penetrate thick walls or floors.

A powerline network adapter turns your electrical wiring into data networks, allowing you to connect devices that don’t have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity (like older printers) to your home’s internet connection and eliminates the need for expensive Ethernet cables. These devices plug into a power outlet just like any other Ethernet-capable device, and transmit a network signal to another nearby powerline networking adapter. Each adapter is part of a logical network based on a security key, or NMK, that’s unique to each powerline networking product. Usually, you pair each of the adapters in your home with a different one to create a unified logical network.

Powerline networking is very secure. Since the data they send over your AC wiring is confined to your house, only other powerline networking devices can tap into your signal—no neighbors can pick it up from across the street. If you’re concerned, however, most modern powerline networking kits support either 56- or 128-bit encryption to protect the security of your data.

Depending on the age of your establishment and the reliability of its electrical wiring, your connectivity through powerline networking may suffer from interference caused by other appliances or machines that share the same power system. These devices can cause intermittent or even permanent degradation in your network speed, especially if they draw heavy power on a regular basis (like tumble dryers and microwaves).

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