Which Technology Helps Create an Intelligent Classroom Environment?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

The smart classroom environment includes a wide variety of teaching and learning methods through technology. It could be as simple as incorporating audio and visual components to a lesson, which many classrooms do today, or it may be something as advanced as performing a medical simulation. Either way, it is an important tool for teachers to have at their disposal.

However, some of these technologies can be difficult to manage in the classroom. This is why it is important to have methods in place for evaluating the quality of classroom instruction. These evaluation methods should be objective and scientifically based, so that teachers can make informed decisions about their work and how it impacts student learning.

An excellent example of a tool that assists educators in evaluating their students is the LECTOR Podium. This arm-chair has a series of embedded sensors, allowing educators to monitor student attention and overall progress. These sensors include hidden LED lights that can be used to signal a range of different situations, as well as force resistive sensors for detecting whether someone is sitting in the chair. This allows the Podium to communicate with the educator’s tablet application and send notifications indicating that it is time to submit homework, or that the class needs to re-focus their attention on a specific topic.

Another great technology for assisting in the evaluation of classroom instruction is 5G wireless communication technology with edge computing. This new technology uses a higher and less-crowded radio spectrum, allowing for greater bandwidth, lower latency, and the ability to support a multitude of applications that would be impossible with other types of connections. For example, a classroom equipped with 5G can have immersive experiences in which students can interact with holograms of guest lecturers.

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