Which Technology Will Quantum Computing Impact Most Significantly?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

Quantum computing is set to revolutionize sectors like medical care, machine learning, cryptography and security, financial applications, and natural language processing. The technology’s incredible processing speed, and ability to solve complex problems, will accelerate AI, resulting in transformative breakthroughs across industries.

Unlike traditional computers, quantum processors don’t use binary code, but rather, a matrix of quantum states. A qubit can be in both a zero and one state at the same time, or “superposed.” In this way, quantum computers are able to perform multiple calculations at once, a process known as parallelism.

A quantum computer can also perform more tests in a short period of time than a traditional computer, which leads to more potential solutions. The probabilistic nature of quantum computing allows the device to run thousands of trials in a second, finding the best solution from the many possibilities.

While we’re not yet at the point where quantum computers can outperform their classical counterparts, the industry is working to get closer. Companies like IBM and Google claim that we might be close as they continue to cram more qubits into devices. A successful demonstration of quantum supremacy would be a watershed moment in the technology’s history.

For now, quantum computers are being used for scientific research and advanced gaming. In the medical sector, quantum computing is helping researchers find better cancer treatments and create more environmentally friendly chemicals by modeling complicated chemical reactions. The Department of Defense is even employing hybrid quantum computers to help with a complex logistics problem, using NEC Australia and D-Wave Systems Inc.’s quantum computer to help with last mile resupply trucks.

David Sunnyside
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