Who Has the Best Gas?

May 16, 2023
Justin Ankus

Fuel quality makes a dramatic impactful statement about how well your car performs, determining maintenance and repair frequency and saving you money in the long run. Unfortunately, many choose their gas station based solely on price without considering quality; often ending up with costly engine or fuel problems as cheaper gas leads to higher expenses over time.

At Shell, Chevron, Costco, Exxon and Sinclair there are some fantastic resources for finding gas that will keep your vehicle in excellent condition. Their Top Tier gas meets higher EPA detergent additive requirements than regular fuels; its additives and cleaners help reduce carbon deposits on engines as well as prevent future build-up; improving performance and overall lifespan for cars alike.

Costco boasts some of the lowest gas prices in America without compromising on quality. Their Costco Premium gas meets higher detergent additive requirements than regular gas and helps enhance fuel economy, remove previous carbon deposits from engines and even lower annual maintenance costs!

Exxon and Mobil stations can be found nationwide, which is an added advantage. Their high-grade engine oil paired with their gasoline ensures your engine gets only the best service available - the additives and cleaners used in their fuel help protect and prolong engine life, making this an outstanding quality fuel option available today.

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