Who is August in Once Upon a Time?

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

Posted by: Emily Szostak, NBC News

Who is august in once upon a time
Oncers rejoice! Eion Bailey will be returning to his role as fan-favorite August Bae/Pinocchio for the show's sixth season. Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz tell ET exclusively that the former enchanted wooden puppet will be back to help Emma with her current struggles in Storybrooke.

Despite being a wooden puppet in his past, August is a man of ambition and courage. He's also very protective of his BFF Emma. He kept an eye on her as she grew up in the real world, knowing that her enchanted past would someday catch up to her. He's been there for Emma as she and Neal fall in love, got into trouble, and struggled with their feelings for each other. Considering how much he knows about the history of the Authors, August may be a bit more involved in Robert's murder than he lets on.

August is a sentimental guy, which is why he's reluctant to part with the pendant Geppetto used to give him life. He is also quick to pick up on other people's emotions — he can feel when Emma is upset about something in Granny's diner, for example. But he doesn't let those emotions get in the way of his goals, like getting Emma to believe for her own sake.

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