Who is Carl Azuz and Why Did He Leave CNN 10?

March 14, 2024
David Sunnyside

Carl azuz was born in the 14th of August 1989 in Atlanta Georgia. He is a famous news anchor and journalist working with CNN. He became hugely popular for his work on the CNN 10 show, a 10-minute digital news program targeted at students. His witty puns and perfect comic timing made him a favorite with millions of kids and teachers alike. He is an American citizen of Arab ethnicity and he graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Telecommunication Arts Production.

In 2008, he started hosting the CNN Student News, a daily 10-minute video segment on CNN’s website and YouTube channel that is designed to educate young viewers on important current events and global issues. He also visited schools across the US to give live news presentations. The segments are short enough for students to digest and are packed with interesting and informative content – from the Atlanta school cheating scandal, to college fess, and gold prices.

After more than a decade on the air, he was replaced in 2022 by Coy Wire. Initially, this transition caused outrage in classrooms as students and teachers had to adapt to a new host with different style of reporting.

He is now the host of a YouTube series called The World from A to Z with Carl Azuz, which debuted in January of 2024. The show promises to be non-partisan, emphasizing critical thinking and civil explanations. It also encourages compassion and community, as well as features stories that highlight the impact of our daily actions on the environment. The show is available to stream on all platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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