Who is Quantum TV?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Who is quantum tv?

YouTuber Quantum TV is a popular game reviewer and social media personality who has found himself in a huge mess of controversy this week. The drama began when he made a video criticizing a tech reviewer known as Kelly “The Act Man” for a series of copyright strikes on her channel. The Act Man responded by releasing a video explaining how the strike was unjust and exposing Quantum’s history of hateful behavior on the platform.

Quantum then released a video apologizing for his behavior and saying that he was sorry for hurting anyone with his comments. This did not sit well with many creators who viewed the video as him trying to deflect from his actions by blaming others. They then started a hashtag called #JusticeForActMan, which quickly gained traction online.

A few days later, The Act Man revealed that he was in contact with YouTube representatives about pressing charges against Quantum for his past behavior. This prompted YouTube to release a response video that many saw as them siding with Quantum and allowing him to continue to use the platform for his own personal gain.

On April 24th, a Twitter user by the name of @rambotweety1 shared a screenshot of a public record revealing that Quantum TV had been arrested on a first-degree felony charge for domestic violence. A court hearing is set for May 30th. Until then, fans of the YouTuber are supporting his family and praying for his recovery.

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