Who Plays Maddy in Euphoria?

April 2, 2024
David Sunnyside

Who plays maddy in euphoria

The second season of HBO’s Euphoria debuted this week, a technicolor, gleefully excessive soap opera on the outsized trials of suburban California teenagers. It has already generated controversy for its graphic depiction of teenage sex, drug addiction and a range of other issues.

Created by Sam Levinson, the series stars Zendaya as Rue Bennett, whose drug addiction threatens her life and the lives of those around her. She’s surrounded by friends and family members who face their own traumas: Jules Vaughn, a transgender woman searching for her place in the world; Kat, a body-conscious teen who’s struggling with sexual anxiety; and Cassie Howard, a sheltered girl exploring her sexuality.

Maddy’s been a longtime friend of Rue’s, and it seems as though they have a special bond. They share an instinctive trust for each other, which is why it seemed so easy to believe Maddy when she told her that Cassie was fucking Nate.

BB is seen hanging around Maddy and often hangs out with her, but they don’t have many scenes together alone. They’re usually both around a group of mutual friends and they’re often insinuating to each other how much they value their friendship.

Dominic Fike is a musician and actor who made his acting debut on Euphoria as Elliot, a new friend of Rue who uses drugs with her. He previously appeared in the coming-of-age film Brigsby Bear and in the music video for a song by his band, The Struts.

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