Who Rules The World Episode 1 Review

June 17, 2023
David Sunnyside

The first episode of who rules the world has a great start and makes you want to watch more. It has some noticeable flaws in production quality but the story is good enough to make you sit through it.

The series starts with Hei Fengxi and Bai Fengxi who are both renowned martial artists and longtime rivals. They become embroiled in the power plays between states when they discover the Empyrean Token missing. Moreover, they are also tangled in the hunt for Fountain Abode which is a rare medicine.

During their pursuit of the drug, they are confronted by General Yan Yingzhou from State of Ji who nearly caught them. But they are saved by a group of people who were also chasing him. Among them, is the Crown Prince of Ji, Huang Chao.

In the next scene, the two meet up with their masters who are a bit surprised that they were able to escape and even more so when they realize that the Crown Prince of Ji is the person they are after. Their masters then decide to call for their men to go into the states and search for the drug.

This is a very well written episode and shows how good Rosy is at her craft. She is becoming a better actress with every project that she does and this one was no exception. I especially like the way she portrays her character as she gives it a free-spirited but badass attitude that is very reminiscent of her role in The Romance Of Tiger And Rose.

David Sunnyside
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