Who Trained Yoda?

December 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Yoda is one of the most recognizable faces in Star Wars, but who was he trained by? In the current canon, Yoda was trained by a mysterious Jedi master and is never given a name. This unknown Jedi was a very wise alien who taught Yoda to use the Force for good and not the dark side.

The mysterious Jedi was a small goblin-like creature who wore robes and walked with a distinctive reversal of grammar. He had a funny voice and was the wisest of all Jedi Masters, although he also experienced fear like any other being. Despite the fact that he was so much older than the rest of the Jedi, he refused to abandon the order and helped it to stand against the Empire.

He died at the end of Revenge of the Sith, and while he had trained over 20,000 Jedi in his lifetime, many of them ended up dead under Sheev Palpatine. He was deeply troubled by the militaristic role that the Jedi Order had taken and continued to teach younglings even when the galaxy threatened war.

He was a Force-sensitive Hysalrian and a Jedi Master who lived during the time of the Galactic Republic. He was living in a marshy area when two strangers showed up, a young loner and his Force-sensitive friend. N’Kata Del Gormo recognized the Force within the young duo and offered to train them in the ways of the Jedi. The four-limbed serpentine man was not the most welcoming of figures, but he saw something in the two newcomers.

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