Who Up Playing With The Worm?

January 12, 2024
David Sunnyside

About This Article

Who up playing with they worm is a fun and humorous idiom that references a rap song by Earl Sweatshirt and a viral video by Spoonkid4. This black t-shirt features a colorful graphic of gummy worms and the phrase, making it perfect for anyone who loves candy, humor, and rap music.

Bluenothing sees the band further hone their craft, bringing together elements of funeral doom, thrash metal and black metal into a unique style that they can truly call their own. The opening track "Centuries of Ooze II" is crushingly heavy, with riffage underpinned by spooky organ and ethereal cleans. The b-side "Invoking the Dragonmoon" is a little lighter, with soaring guitar solos and some atmospheric layering, before promotional single "Shadowside Kingdom" carries the EP to its apocalyptic conclusion. The addition of Philippe Tougas to the lineup is also notable, adding a new dimension to their sound with his ability to shred through the murk and still retain the cohesion of the song. It's a worthy successor to Foreverglade and shows that Worm is a force to be reckoned with.

David Sunnyside
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