Who Voices Charlie in Smiling Friends?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Who voices charlie in smiling friends

Smiling Friends is a weird and wonderful new animated series that has enraptured fans since Adult Swim's surprise premiere over the course of one night. The show's creators Michael Cusack and Zach Hadel originally started out as Internet-based artists, and their digital launching point is reflected powerfully in the cacophonic aesthetics of the series and its ideas. The creators also infused the show with Easter eggs that nod to the obscure and cringe-inducing corners of the online world, which helps bring the world of Smiling Friends closer to its real-world audience.

The main protagonist of Smiling Friends is Charlie, a yellow critter that works at Smiling Friends Inc. He has small black, beady eyes and a podgy build. He's a laid-back, calm character that often seems pessimistic and rational. He and his best friend Pim work to cheer people up for a living, though their efforts are often in vain. For example, in the episode "Desmond's Big Day Out," Charlie and Pim try to make Desmond smile but he eventually decides that life isn't worth living.

The other main character is Pim, a pink critter who's happy and joyful to help others. His personality is the opposite of Charlie's. He's the king of Smiling Friends and likes to give gifts to his employees. He also has a love for music and dance. Other characters include Glep, the slug who's the boss of Smiling Friends; Grim, who works for Frowning Friends Inc.; and Mr. Frog, who's an ill-tempered frog that takes drugs.

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