Who Wins Ink Master Season 8?

August 20, 2023
David Sunnyside

Ink Master is a popular reality tattoo competition show on Spike that pits aspiring tattoo artists against one another. The series features a host and two judges that evaluate the competing artists' work. The contestants are given a variety of tattoo challenges throughout the season. At the end of the competition, one artist is crowned the winner and receives $100,000. The show has seen a number of contestants win the title and go on to make their names in the tattooing industry.

Who wins ink master season 8

The eighth season of Ink Master saw three finalists, Gian Karle Cruz, Ryan Ashley Malarkey, and Kelly Doty compete to win the $100,000 grand prize. Each finalist was required to create a back piece that incorporated female imagery. The judges evaluated each competitor's work, and in the end, Scott Marshall won with his neo-traditional back piece. Sadly, Marshall passed away a year after winning the competition.

Unlike previous seasons, this season of Ink Master was split into two teams. Each team was coached by an Ink Master veteran or past contestant. Depending on which team lost a member during an episode, that contestant would be replaced the following week. After 12 episodes, it was revealed that Joey Hamilton won this season of Ink Master with his aquatic themed piece featuring a partially nude mermaid.

It was also a special episode because it marked the first time that a woman won Ink Master. Despite the fact that she is not as experienced as some of the other contestants, she was able to beat out all of the men to become this season's Ink Master.

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