Wholesale iPhones 2022: Top 6 Places to Consider While Buying iPhones in Bulk

March 21, 2022
Justin Lumiere

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iPhones are Apple’s most profitable product category and are used by millions of people around the globe. iPhones are built to last a lifetime and Apple also makes sure that each device is supported for at least 5 years of software operating updates. So even if you are buying an older iPhone you are guaranteed a smooth and fast user experience. This is why there are hundreds of thousands of older iPhones still on sale years after their original sale date. This is also one of the reasons that iPhones have excellent resale value even years after launch. On a side note if you are looking to start a wholesale iPhone business then you can check this website out.

Here are some marketplaces you can consider for buying iPhones:

  1. Ebay: Ebay is a popular e-commerce website to buy iPhones in bulk since there are several buyer-seller protection frameworks in place. What happens is sellers will upload photos and then give a detailed description of the product (iPhone) including the condition it is in. You can also check the seller’s ratings if he has one and can contact him too before making a purchase. Ebay has a money-back guarantee protection plan in place which essentially allows you to return the product if it is not according to the description provided by the seller.
  2. Amazon: Amazon also has a dedicated program called the refurbished program. What it essentially does is they collect and aggregate all the phones which had some defects or open boxes or were returned and then check them out at the service centre and get them certified too. Amazon-certified refurbished phones all have a 6-month warranty and are also eligible for Amazon Prime benefits. But while purchasing a refurbished iPhone on Amazon you need to check whether the seller is Amazon certified or a 3rd party. Because if the seller is a 3rd party then Amazon refurbished guarantee does not apply. Also check for the condition level of the iPhone i.e body damage, liquid damage indicators, etc.

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  1. Cashify: Cashify is an excellent marketplace for buying iPhones and they can offer you some good rates too. This is because they source their phones from consumers directly and hence have to pay no commission. Also, they have a range of iPhones depending upon the condition they are in. This makes it easy for consumers to buy the phone since they will know exactly what condition the iPhone is in that they will buy. Also, Cashify are themselves selling the refurbished and used iPhones so they have their own buyer protection plans in place which include a return policy too.

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  1. Swappa: The entire web buying process for Swappa is completely straightforward and intuitive. The website reviews listings so that the device’s serial number is free from encumbrance, meaning that it is not a stolen device. The sellers of the phone have to mandatorily upload a photo of the phone, power it on, and then click a picture of it next to a custom listing code. These checks are to be done so that it proves that the seller genuinely has an iPhone. Also as a payment processor, Swappa uses PayPal so that buyers can take advantage of PayPal’s buyer advantage program.
  2. Gazelle: Gazelle is a reputed seller of iPhones. You can buy a wide range of iPhones from them without the fear of getting bad or stolen devices. All the phones posted on sale there are inspected and verified before listing. This ensures that the devices are tamper-proof and consumers get an authentic device. Gazelle also provides you with a 30 day return period, using which you can return the phone you bought.
  3. Phone Carriers: In the United States majority of the phones are bought and sold via phone carriers like AT&T, Verizon, others. So you can go to your nearest carrier’s sales office and pick up an iPhone on a contract and then use it along with their carrier plan. The price and condition of the phone will depend upon the respective carrier’s terms of the deal.


There are some things to check before you buy an iPhone, like a phone’s serial number. You should also check for any water damage to the phone. And lastly, you should always insist on seller or manufacturer-backed warranty details before committing to buying an iPhone from them. iPhones normally come with a one-year warranty but you can buy Apple car packages to extend it too.


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