Why Are Casino Carpets So Ugly?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

There are a few theories about why casinos opt for ugly carpets. Some say the patterns send a subliminal message of luck, encouraging gamblers to take one more spin or pull at the slot machines. Others say the busy carpet is designed to distract players and force them to look up at the games and lights rather than down at the floor, where they might be tempted to stop playing and walk away.

More pragmatically, the carpet is a big part of the casino's overall atmosphere and is an important design element that sets it apart from other properties. It also absorbs sound and reduces the echoes that can cause a headache for customers. It's an expensive undertaking to replace casino carpeting, and many casinos choose designs that hide dirt and stains well. This helps them save money on maintenance and upkeep costs, while still giving the casino a unique look that customers can recognize.

In addition, the carpets are usually hand-tufted and made of high-quality wool or silk. However, CYP (computerized yarn placement) carpet is also popular and can be hand or machine-tufted. CYP carpet can have up to 20 different colors and textures in the same piece, creating an endless variety of designs. These types of carpets are also more durable and less likely to show wear and tear.

Getting new carpet in a casino is an involved process and must be done carefully to avoid disrupting operations. Because of this, casinos typically change out carpeting by section and do so during the dead of night on slow days to minimize downtime.

David Sunnyside
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