Why are Motorcycle Helmets So Important?

November 8, 2022
Justin Lumiere

Many moto-enthusiasts love riding their bikes because of the freedom that the open road brings. But some people take that sense of freedom too far and forget or choose not to wear a motorcycle helmet.

Motorcycle helmets are an essential piece of gear that could save your life in case of an accident. Unlike a car which has many features designed to keep you safe like seat belts and airbags, motorcycles lack many of the same safety features. Because of this, motorcycle riders are more prone to serious and life-threatening injuries during accidents.

In this guide, we’ll discuss motorcycle helmet laws and why helmets are vital to keeping you safe on the road.

Where to Shop for Motorcycle Helmets

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Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Although motorcycle helmet laws vary across the US, 19 states have adopted universal helmet laws. 28 states require only certain types of riders to wear helmets while 2 states (Illinois, New Hampshire, and Iowa) have not adopted any helmet laws at all.

Even if your state does not require a helmet to be worn, remember that if you cross state lines while on your bike you risk violating that state’s laws and being subject to a hefty fine.

5 Reasons to Wear Your Motorcycle Helmet

  • It can save your life

A helmet protects the most vulnerable parts of your body - your head and your neck. During an accident, it’s easy for your face to hit the pavement or a curb. Always wear your helmet to prevent life-threatening injuries.

  • It can protect you from the weather

Your helmet can protect you from a lot more than just the pavement. While driving, your helmet acts as a shield against the heavy downpour, hail, snow, or even the sun’s harmful UV rays. In fact, the sun exposure you receive while driving has been linked to cancer, so wearing your helmet regularly can help mitigate these risks.

  • It sets a good example

While we all know that helmets can save your life, many kids don’t feel like wearing one or don’t properly understand the safety risks. By seeing other bikers wearing their helmet regularly, you’ll be setting a good example without even knowing it.

  • It increases visibility

Riding a bike can be dangerous, especially at night time. In fact, poor visibility is one of the major causes of nighttime accidents. Stay safe by choosing a helmet with a built-in reflector. This will help keep you and others safe while on the road.

How to Choose the Right Helmet

Remember that while regularly wearing your helmet is important, not all helmets are made equal. You should always wear a helmet for the activity that it's designed for. Never replace a motorcycle helmet with another type and if the helmet doesn’t fit, don’t buy it.

To ensure optimal protection, follow these tips:

  • Review the motorcycle safety stands and make sure your helmet applies
  • Your helmet should fit snug but comfortably
  • Never buy a used helmet
  • Replace your helmet after every accident
  • Never use any harsh cleaning agents on your helmet


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