Why Are SD Cards So Expensive?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

SD cards are the most common type of memory card used in portable devices. They can range in price from about $2 for a 2-gigabyte card to over $15 for a 1 terabyte card, depending on the capacity and the brand. They also come in different class’s of speed, with some having faster read and write speeds than others. Additionally, some companies can charge a premium for their cards.

The most expensive types of SD cards tend to have high read and write speeds. These are useful for photographers, who can capture more images and video on a single card before it fills up. However, not all cameras need a high-speed card.

Another reason why a SD card may be expensive is its size. A larger SD card typically requires more materials to manufacture than a smaller card. This can add up to a higher cost, as well as additional features like waterproof casings.

A third factor that makes an SD card more expensive is its speed. Specifically, a high read and write speed is important for photographers who use their SD cards to transfer data from their camera to their computer. Having fast cards allows them to get their work processed quickly, which can make a big difference when it comes to receiving payments or getting a new project started. The faster a photographer can start editing their files, the quicker they can start working on the next shoot or receive payment for their work.

David Sunnyside
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