Why Can't I Follow People on TikTok?

January 14, 2024
David Sunnyside

If you’re having trouble following people on tiktok it’s important to understand why this could be happening. There are many factors that can impact your ability to follow others. Some of these include regional restrictions, technical glitches, anti-spam measures, account restrictions, and more. This article will explore the various reasons why you might be having trouble following others on TikTok and some tips for troubleshooting the issue.

Possibly the most common reason why you are unable to follow people on tiktok is because you are close to or have already exceeded the limit for how many accounts you can follow in one day or hour. This is set by Tik Tok and is designed to prevent you from spamming other users as this can quickly become annoying for them. If you get a message saying that you are following too many or you have reached your limit, then simply wait until you can follow more accounts again.

There may also be an internet connection problem with your device that is preventing you from following accounts on tiktok. This can be caused by a slow Wi-Fi network or by using mobile data instead of your home broadband connection. Try logging out and then back into Tiktok, reconnecting your Wi-Fi or switching to a different network if this is the case.

If you are able to follow other accounts on tiktok and not have any issues with your internet connection then it’s likely that there is a bug on the app that has stopped you from following. It may be best to wait for a fix to be released by TikTok as this should resolve the problem for you.

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