Why Can't Markiplier Drink Beer?

July 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

If you're not familiar with markiplier, he is an internet personality who makes video game let's plays and sketch comedy. He has a large following and is well known in the YouTube gaming community. He also has a podcast and a clothing line. He's worked with many popular gamers such as PewDiePie and Jacksepticeye.

Fischbach's YouTube career began a little over 10 years ago. He originally studied medical engineering at the University of Cincinnati, but dropped out to focus on his YouTube channel. His channel quickly gained traction, and he was able to quit his job as a biomedical engineer.

In his videos, Fischbach is known for his high-production sketches and acting skills. He is particularly skilled at the "choose your own adventure" type of sketch. He has also done a few collaborations with fellow YouTubers, including Tobuscus and Penguz0. He's also a fan favorite for his Five Nights at Freddy's highlights and Happy Wheels highlights.

As for why can't markiplier drink beer, there are a few possible reasons. One possibility is that he has a gluten allergy or celiac disease. This is a condition that requires the sufferer to avoid gluten-containing foods, such as beer.

Another reason could be that he simply doesn't like the taste of beer. This is a personal choice that many people make, and there's nothing wrong with that. Finally, it's possible that Fischbach is allergic to something else, but that's unlikely. He's never said anything about this, so it's difficult to know for sure.

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