Why Choose Android Jetpack For Enhancing Mobile Development?

December 7, 2022

Have you ever played Subway Surfer?

Yes, I am talking about the endless running game that once had all of us addicted.

If yes, you’d be familiar with the Jetpack booster.

For those living under the rock and unaware of jetpack, it is a booster that gives you in-app advantages.

It lets your character rise above the trains, avoid any clashes, progress faster, and also collect more coins on the way.



Android Jetpack is just like that booster with the same name. But for developing Android mobile apps.

  • It makes the process faster.
  • You can avoid the hassles.
  • And you can create better Android applications.

How exactly?

Read on to find out.

In this guide, we will walk you through

  • What is Android Jetpack?
  • Components of Android Jetpack
  • The benefits of choosing Android Jetpack for mobile app development
  • The best way to make the most of Android Jetpack

Let’s get started.

What is Android Jetpack?

In Google’s I/O 2018 developers conference, the then Android product manager, Stephanie Cuthbertson, launched a new set of Android components, called the Android Jetpack.

She called it the “next generation of Android APIs designed to accelerate Android app development.”

And true enough, with the use of Android Jetpack, mobile app developers can save a lot of time and effort.



Simply stated, Android Jetpack is a collection of Android software components, tools, and guidance.

It helps developers follow Android development best practices, reduce the amount of boilerplate code, and write code that runs seamlessly across Android versions and devices.

Android Jetpack is available for Android Studio 3.2 and higher. And it has been designed and optimized for Kotlin.

According to Google, Jetpack is currently being used by 99% of the apps on the Play Store.

Wondering how Android Jetpack affects your app’s Data Safety?

Well, it doesn’t.

Given that Jetpack libraries do not send any user data to any backend services, it doesn’t affect how your user data is collected/processed.

And it has no impact on your app’s Data Safety Form in the Play Console.

Components of Android Jetpack

You can think of Android Jetpack as the successor of the Support Library. And thus, it brings together the existing support library and architecture components.

These are divided into four categories as shown below.


  • The foundation components offer support for Kotlin language, backward compatibility, and testing support.
  • The architectural components facilitate the development of a highly testable and robust mobile application.
  • Behavioral components aid in the integration of modern Android services like notifications, media sharing, and permissions.
  • The UI components offer widgets that make your app visually attractive and appealing.

Now, Android Jetpack does offer a lot of components that work together, you don’t have to use all of them. Only a few of them can also be used as per your unique set of needs.


Advantages of Android Jetpack

Here are the key advantages that Android Jetpack offers Android app developers:

  1. Allows running apps on any Android platform or version
  2. Backward compatibility
  3. The components can all work together
  4. The components can also be used independently
  5. Up-to-date design techniques are featured
  6. Improved testability
  7. Productivity features

With these, Jetpack makes Android app development way simpler as compared to earlier.

And it ultimately improves the entire process.

Benefits of using Android Jetpack for mobile app development

Here are four ways how Android Jetpack is useful for mobile app development.

  1. Productivity enhancement

There are two ways in which Android Jetpack helps you boost productivity during Android application development.

  • One, it is optimized for Kotlin, so you get the advantages of using Kotlin for app development.
  • And two, Android Jetpack lets you build your apps with backward compatibility.
  1. No boilerplate code

Android Jetpack helps you manage even the tough tasks like lifecycle awareness, background tasks, and navigation with ease. And this is done without boilerplate code.

  1. Focus on app requirements

Given that Android app developers don’t have to focus on generic features needed for an app, they can focus on the app’s specific requirements.

By getting component APIs from Jetpack, all that is left for the developers to do is write code that’s unique and specific to their application.

  1. Creating high-quality applications

Other than backward compatibility, Jetpack also ensures fewer memory leaks, fewer crashes, and the use of modern design practices (via the UI components). Thus, the quality of the resultant Android mobile app increases significantly, without as much effort.

Making the most of Android Jetpack - With dedicated Android developers from India

Android Jetpack has all the tools that you’ll need to enhance mobile development. But just the tools alone won’t yield results.

You also need dedicated Android developers who can make the best use of Android Jetpack.


Because without the right team of experts, even with Jetpack, your Android application will have a lot of bugs. And crashes.

To avoid that, you should hire an Android developer in India.

Why India?


  • With Indian developers, you get a cost advantage.

You can hire Indian Android app developers at 1/3rd the cost of app developers from the West.

  • You get an impeccable quality of work.

Indian Android developers are known for their extreme dedication and skill, which ensures you get the best quality of work.

Here are 3 ways you can hire Android application developers from India.

  1. Find freelancers

Freelance mobile app developers are cost-effective as their hourly rates are significantly lower.Freelancers often work on multiple projects at the same time. So your project might not get their complete dedication.
You don’t have to pay for overheads like office infrastructure, taxes, benefits, etc.It is tough to keep freelancers roped in for longer time periods. And if you keep changing the developers on your project, your app is likely to look like patchwork.
Once your app development project is done, you don’t have to still keep the freelance app developer on the payroll.
  1. Find a mobile app development company


Mobile app development companies in India can offer you end-to-end solutions. You can also get ongoing support and maintenance services for your app.Mobile app development companies cost more than hiring individual freelancers.
As there is a lot of competition between established and new IT companies in India, you can expect a high level of service at the least possible cost.Finding the right mobile app development company is not a piece of cake. With so many options, confusion is bound to happen.
App development companies have a team of project managers, QA testers, and marketing specialists, so you don’t have to worry about any of that.
  1. Get support from talent connect platforms


You get access to the top talent, which is pre-vetted and screened. You don’t have to worry about background verifications either as all of it is taken care of. You can still interview candidates before onboarding them though.Not all talent connect platforms actually offer the services they promise. So you need to be vigilant while looking for the right platform.
If an Android app developer doesn’t meet your needs, you can request replacements.
You don’t have to bear employee overheads. Instead, you just pay a monthly fee for hiring the developer.


Based on your needs and budget, you can onboard Android app developers via any of these ways.

Indian mobile app development talent combined with the inherent advantages of using Android Jetpack will be a great booster for your mobile app development process.

So what are you waiting for? Start looking for Indian Android mobile app developers today, use Android Jetpack, and accelerate your app development process.


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