Why College Student Health Insurance Is Important?

October 29, 2022
Natalie Thorburn



There’s a high possibility for students to fall ill unexpectedly on campus. Unfortunately, the cost of health insurance is also on a steady rise. Hence, it’s not something to take lightly or overlook but must be taken seriously as a necessity. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to study abroad or if you want to get into college. There are several insurance plans that you should consider. This saves you from overspending on your health if anything happens and also ensures you can meet the requirement set forth by some universities.

The risk of falling ill

Starting college is a big deal, and you can get caught up in the excitement that you forget to handle insignificant things of massive importance, such as your student health insurance. You don’t realize that falling sick on campus when you’re away from your parents is different from when you still live with them. You’re far from home, and that’s something you shouldn’t forget.

Several kinds of illnesses that you may encounter include stress, sleep, flu and cold, conjunctivitis, and allergies. Many of these illnesses are contagious and can be difficult to avoid in a university setting, especially if you live in dorms, sleep less at night, and explore the city’s nightlife. All of these can significantly reduce the strength of your immune system and make you susceptible to falling ill, especially if you don’t maintain a healthy diet. Many allergies and stomach problems may happen because you’re adjusting to a new environment and foods.

While these common illnesses may not be severe, they may lead to worse conditions or additional ailments if untreated. This is mostly a problem for uninsured students because they don’t receive enough health care. It can be very difficult to be without your family’s care when you feel weak and vulnerable. Imagine how worse the situation will get when you’re unable to get adequate healthcare to ease the process because you’re uninsured. It’s not the ideal situation for you.


Benefits of health insurance for students

There are several benefits that you’ll get from student health insurance, such as:

  • Hospitalization and outpatient expenses: with health insurance, you can be sure of cashless hospitalization, and it’ll be massive assistance when there’s an emergency. It also includes dental expenses, consultation charges, medication and hospitalization.
  • Cover for diseases: student health insurance covers pre-existing medical ailments and several other illnesses, including specific injuries and nervous or mental disorders.
  • Treatment and medical expenses: this ensures that you have medical treatments such as surgery, tests, rehabilitation, specialist charges, doctor’s consultation, and several other complex treatments.
  • Transportation insurance: any expenses incurred during the transportation to a clinic or hospital are covered by health insurance. In emergency cases, it also covers traveling costs to other countries if required and the expenses of whoever is assigned as your emergency contact as you travel.
  • Accidental lawsuit: health insurance can also cover the expenses that result from damage you caused, including bodily injury to someone else, if there’s an accidental lawsuit charge against you.

Why should you be insured?

Generally, young adults between 18 and 34 years have the highest number of uninsured people. However, you must sign up for an insurance plan, such as life insurance for young adults. The reality is that uninsured people are more likely to deal with severe illnesses because of a lack of proper healthcare. However, the fact that a leading factor that causes family debt is unexpected sickness opens one’s eyes to the importance of student health insurance.

Getting student health insurance is comparable to getting some form of warranty. Although it might appear like another unnecessary bill you’re paying monthly, you’re safeguarding yourself and ensuring your future satisfaction and relief from a potential medical incident. Student health insurance ensures that the financial stress associated with visiting a doctor is eased. For instance, uninsured people find it difficult to negotiate the price of prescription medicine and may struggle to get the necessary drug because they don’t have a large firm behind them that they can lean on at times like that. So, the rising cost of prescription drugs makes it almost impossible for uninsured people to keep up with their medications.

It's not impossible that you sacrifice a part of your healthcare and still have to spend a large chunk of your savings on medical expenses instead of other necessary payments you need to pay. As long as you remain uninsured, you may pay over one-third of your medical expenses from your pocket. The amount you may have to pay mostly depends on the medical issue you’re paying for, but the unexpected expenses can make it three times harder for you to pay for some necessities because you’re uninsured. This means you have less money to buy groceries, pay your rent, tuition fees and other necessities.

Why should you choose student health insurance over your parent's plan?

There are several benefits to purchasing a student health insurance plan, and one of these is that you get affordable prices tailored to fit your situation. While different universities may have requirements, most people set up these insurance plans to meet the required conditions. Apart from the plan easily satisfying the school's specifications, it'll also reduce the burden of bureaucratic processes on you by helping with paperwork.

While there's also the option to stick to your parent's insurance plans, it might save you more money in the long run if you choose the student plan and offer a lot of flexibility.

Some plans may allow you to buy the coverage for a certain amount of time that you need the insurance. These insurance plans can range from a monthly to a full academic year or even a semester. Apart from its flexible timeline, this health insurance also helps combat the limitations that most private insurance tend to put in place.

As mentioned in a health insurance essay by writers at thesis writing help, the problem with students sticking with their parent's insurance plan is that there may be specific limitations on locations where they can get treatment and who can treat them. This defeats the purpose of insurance for a student living in a college far away from home. It becomes too difficult to get the appropriate health when needed. Also, when there's any emergency, you need the flexibility that student health insurance provides. It offers an increased network of providers, lifting restrictions you may face in other insurance plans. Also, the rise in family plans may make it more important to opt for student health insurance instead of keeping up with your parents' plan and paying a premium for a plan that doesn't benefit you as much as it should once you're away from home.


College students' insurance plans are often tailored to meet the needs and specifications of each student. So you'll find the appropriate one for you. However, you need to see the importance of these plans and how you can harness them for yourself. That's why this article explains why you need student insurance, why it's important and how it benefits you. No one should fall sick far away from home and be unable to access quality healthcare.


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