Why Did Fall Guys Die So Fast?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Fall guys was one of the most popular games this year, but it seems like it’s been on a steady decline lately. The reason why isn’t all that surprising: it’s easy to get tired of the same minigames over and over again. It also didn’t help that cheaters ruined it for everyone.

When it first launched, Fall Guys took the world by storm. British studio Mediatonic’s physics-based game made a big impact with its pastel visuals and sense of community during the coronavirus pandemic. It became a hit on the internet and even found itself on streamers’ radars, with notable names like Ninja and SypherPK taking up the game.

At its peak, the game boasted over 170,000 concurrent players on Steam. Its success was partly due to the pandemic, as it became the perfect online salve when global lockdowns forced people indoors. But it also helped that Fall Guys is just an incredibly fun game to play.

Moreover, it’s free-to-play, allowing anyone to try it out without paying a penny. The game’s popularity increased further after it went free-to-play, with some players spending as much as 15 hours playing the same game.

Despite all this, there’s still a good amount of interest in the game. And, as the developers push for the third season of the game, it’s clear that they want to keep people coming back. However, they’ll have to introduce a lot of new minigames and tweak the current ones if they want to make sure that Fall Guys stays alive.

David Sunnyside
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