Why Did Jonah Hill Change His Name?

March 15, 2024
David Sunnyside

Jonah Hill isn't afraid to stand up for himself. He's made major lifestyle shifts and even took a break from social media in the name of privacy. And now, it looks like he's taking another step to define himself by his actual last name. According to legal documents seen by The Blast, Hill is officially changing his name from Jonah Hill Feldstein to simply Jonah Hill. He's been using the latter moniker in public for years, so the move shouldn't cause any issues with the law.

It's worth noting that while Hill is now known as Jonah Hill, his family has retained the Feldstein surname. His sister, Beanie (real name Elizabeth Greer Feldstein), is also an actor and has starred in movies like Lady Bird and Booksmart as well as a recurring role as Monica Lewinsky on Ryan Murphy's American Crime Story series.

Whether his new name is permanent or not, it's certainly a good look for Hill, who was typecast in early comedy roles and is now well-established as an actor capable of locating a core of humanity inside even the most cartoonish characters. He's also proven adept at dramatic roles as well.

He's not the only celebrity to make a name change recently, as Aaron Paul — who was born Jonah Sturtevant — filed for a name change earlier this month to legally drop his middle name from his moniker and the first names of his son, Ryden Caspian. The move was part of his plan to transition from a "bad boy" into a full-on family man.

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