Why Directional Ultrasound Speaker is Useful

February 12, 2024
Natalie Thorburn


Directional speakers are also known as ultrasonic or parametric speakers. These speakers are usually unique in terms of use cases across different industries. Their conventional counterparts are designed and created for applications like car-built speakers, announcement systems, and festivals. Thanks to their ultrasonic speaker technology, directional speakers emit their sound in a narrow beam.

Due to this unique feature, directional speakers are useful in various industries and fields. One of the useful applications of directional ultrasound speakers in different industries is to propagate information to relevant people and attract the attention of passers-by. Also, these speakers can be part of interactive art displays.

Why Directional Ultrasound Speakers are Useful

Directional speakers allow you to create audio zones and focus on a large group of people or just a single person. This is helpful when you want to project audio or sound precisely where it’s much required.

That means it’ll not interfere with neighbors and surrounding areas. These speakers ensure that they direct the right amount of correct sound to the designated areas, even in challenging environments.

Applications that Maximize the Usefulness and Value of Directional Speakers

Directional ultrasonic speakers have a vast array of applications in different industries due to their ability to direct sound to a designated area. Most ultrasonic directional speakers are used in:

Museums and Galleries

In most cases, the spaces in museums and galleries are open with no or little acoustic isolation between exhibits. Directional audio can solve a number of problems. There are usually multiple sources of sound in close proximity.

With budget and aesthetic constraints, the exhibit design may dictate or limit the placement of the source of sound. Add to that the need to eliminate audio spill or control audio. Directional sound can provide lasting solutions to these problems.

Exhibitions and Showrooms

If you have been to trade shows or exhibitions, you already know how noisy these places are. They usually have a lot of competing sounds and background noise.

Want your visitors to hear what you’ve to say? A directional ultrasounic speaker ensures your sound is focused on them, eradicating the need for uncomfortable headphones or isolation.

The digital out-of-home market has grown rapidly. The number of customer touchpoints and screens being rolled out is a strong indication of this. When you add audio to these installations, you create another level of creative possibilities, including;

  • Attracting and exciting shoppers
  • Maintaining peace and quiet while, at the same time, providing sound where it’s required most
  • Allowing multimedia in sensitive or difficult areas
  • Illuminating products aurally using directional ultrasonic speakers

The list of directional ultrasonic speaker applications is massive. It also includes retail stores, command and control centers, hospitals, banks, and offices. Want to install or use a directional ultrasonic speaker in any of these places? Buy here. You’ll find a range of directional ultrasonic speakers that meet your unique needs and requirements.

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