Why Do People Hate Dragon Age Inquisition?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

The Dragon Age franchise is known for its rich lore, a cast of engaging characters and some ballsy moral choices that will impact the story. However, many fans have been left disappointed by the way that Dragon Age Inquisition handled the story. From the overabundance of side quests to the shoddy combat system, the game has had its share of problems.

The story of Dragon Age Inquisition centers around the Inquisition, a trio of Grey Wardens led by Josephine Montilyet and Varric. Their goal is to tear down the Veil of Fen Harel, a mysterious demon that has been plaguing the land. The Inquisition isn't alone in their endeavor, with Leliana and Cullen from the previous games joining them. In addition to these returning heroes, new companions include Solas, an elven apostate mage well-versed in the Fade and its spirit denizens; Blackwall, a lone Free Marcher Grey Warden; Sera, an elf thief with the Friends of Red Jenny; The Iron Bull, a Qunari warrior leading a mercenary company; and Vivienne, the official enchanter to the Imperial Court of Orlais.

Inquisition's gameplay adheres to the established BioWare formula. The game has a roguelike feel with an emphasis on exploration and moral choice. Players can also pause the action, zoom out and carefully issue orders to their party members in a top-down tactical view. This removes the need to constantly pause and unpause combat and makes it easier to carefully control battles. Aside from this, the game's a bit more streamlined than Origins with fewer menu options and a focus on melee attacks and damage-dealing magic spells.

David Sunnyside
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