Why Do People Hate Furries?

February 29, 2024
David Sunnyside

Furries are fans of anthropomorphic animal characters and have often experienced scrutiny, criticism, and hate from people who do not understand their culture. This hatred can be fueled by many factors, including misconceptions, fear of the unknown, negative media portrayals, psychological and societal dynamics, and more.

For example, some people may be scared of or dislike furries because they do not understand the fandom and view it as strange or deviant. They may not know that the community is based on creativity and a sense of camaraderie, and that they contribute to society in many ways. They may not be aware of the positive impact that the fandom has on mental health and well-being.

Another reason people may hate furries is because they believe that the fandom promotes sexual content. While some adults do create adult-oriented content, it is important to remember that not all furries are fetishists and that the majority of the community is comprised of law-abiding citizens who enjoy consensual activities.

Furthermore, some people may be using the term “furry” as a dog whistle to broadcast hatred against LGBTQIA+ individuals. This is because there is a strong correlation between being a furry and being queer, and some bigots use the phrase to avoid legal consequences for their anti-queer hatred. This is a troubling trend that can be addressed by promoting open dialogue and education about the furry fandom. Ultimately, hatred towards furries is often motivated by personal grievances and a desire to conform to societal norms.

David Sunnyside
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