Why Do People Hate Furries?

October 27, 2023
David Sunnyside

Furries are fans of anthropomorphic animal characters and have often experienced scrutiny, criticism, and hate from those who do not understand their hobby. The reasons for why do people hate furries range from misconceptions, fear of the unknown, negative media portrayals, psychological factors, and societal dynamics.

People naturally dislike and hate what they do not understand, especially if it differs from their own experiences. This can be true for many hobbies, interests, and communities. People who identify as furries are known to dress in anthropomorphic animal costumes and can sometimes attend public gatherings called furmeets where they interact with fellow furry fans. Unfortunately, these events have been misrepresented in the media and are seen as a group of homosexual fetishists who like to party, drink drugs, and have sex with other people while wearing animal costumes.

The fact that furries are often open about their passion for anthropomorphic animals can also contribute to their negative perceptions. You rarely see people with other obscure fetishes publicly announce that they are into feet or vore and be proud of it in the same way. This can be seen as a display of vanity and can make others feel uncomfortable or even threatened.

It is important to remember that no one is going to be liked by everyone. There are some people who will always find a certain taste, smell, subject, or hobby repulsive no matter how appealing it is to others. It is equally as important to not scapegoat a community for negative experiences or emotions.

David Sunnyside
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