Why Does Rhett Do the Tokyo Thing?

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

Rhett James McClaughlin is an American YouTuber and comedian. He is one half of the popular comedy duo Good Mythical Morning. He is also a singer, musician and actor. He released his first album, HUMAN OVERBOARD in 2019 — which delves into his faith journey away from Christianity and the struggle to define himself in the world of social media.

Originally from Carmel, California, Rhett began creating videos for the website Mythical Entertainment during college. After graduating from university, he quit his engineering career to focus on Christian evangelism with Cru and began making YouTube videos full-time. He and his brother Link now have multiple video series and a subscription service called the Mythical Society that offers exclusive content and collectibles.

They are known for their wacky hijinks, including staying up for 24 hours to make 24 potential viral videos, a series of games in which they try to beat each other in various types of challenge, and reenactments of historical events and commercials. The duo has also hosted the edutainment web series Wonder Quest and guest starred as the Wright brothers, Donatello Bardi and Leonardo da Vinci, and Lewis and Clark in Epic Rap Battles of History.

Their schtick includes mocking each other's weaknesses and immaturity. For instance, in the "Have You Ever?" segment of GMM, they list off embarrassing or awkward situations that people have found themselves in, ranging from dating relatives by mistake to having your cheese hat mocked by a dinosaur. They also have a running gag where any mention of Tokyo causes Rhett to go "WHAAAAAAAAT?", with the length of his exclamation getting longer and louder each time.

David Sunnyside
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