Why GoGuardian is Bad For Schools

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

If your child is using a school Chromebook or another device that runs Google apps, then you have likely heard of goguardian. It is a paid service that schools use to filter and monitor students' browsing behavior. It's used to keep students on task and safe online, but it can also be a bit invasive.

As a parent it can be scary to know that your child's teacher or school has the ability to watch what they are doing on their computer. This is especially true if they are using a school-managed Google account that connects to all of their other personal accounts. It is an infringement of privacy that parents and students should not have to deal with.

From a student's perspective it can be downright disturbing to know that their screens and tabs are being monitored even after school is over. This is an infringement of their privacy and can lead to trust issues between teachers and students. The program can also be a big turn off to students who are trying to work on school projects and homework.

From an educational standpoint, it is important for students to have access to resources and websites that can help them with their studies. However, this can be a problem if the resources are blocked by GoGuardian. This can be a difficult balance to strike, but it is important that schools try to find the right amount of oversight for their students.

David Sunnyside
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