Why I Stop Wearing a Smartwatch

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

A smartwatch is a wrist-worn device that takes many of the capabilities of your phone and crams them into a smaller package. It can display notifications, make and receive calls, run apps, track fitness activity, and even serve as a GPS. And the best models can do all of that while sporting sleek, attractive designs that make them look pretty cool.

Many people wear a smartwatch for the sake of convenience. They want to be able to check texts, call, and email without having to reach for their phones all the time. Plus, smartwatches can be a great way to keep track of important meetings and events that you don't want to miss. And if you lose your phone or keys, most of these devices can help you find them by sending vibrations to your watch that make it easier to follow directions or locate your keys and preventing the frustration of having to frantically search for them before an event that you cannot afford to be late for.

Aside from those practical functions, smartwatches are also popular for the range of health and wellness features that they offer. For example, some can monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and sleep patterns to identify potential health problems. And some can detect falls or auto crashes and automatically call emergency services for you.

David Sunnyside
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