Why is Battlefield 2042 So Bad?

March 30, 2024
David Sunnyside

The hype leading up to Battlefield 2042 gave way to disappointment upon its release, as the game struggled with a number of technical issues that impacted gameplay. From issues with XP tracking and progression to the lack of maps and modes at launch, it wasn't easy for players to find joy in this iteration of the franchise.

While it may not have the same underlying physics engine as previous games in the series, DICE has still managed to create some pretty gnarly combat. It's all about timing in these close-quarters battles, and you'll need to be a ninja to get the most out of your sniper rifle or assault rifle. You'll also need to be good at switching between ammunition types, as calibers impact weapon recoil, range and other attributes.

Lastly, some of the maps -- Breakaway, Hourglass and Kaleidoscope in particular -- feature an odd mix of wide-open expanses and close-quarters fighting areas. The latter often feel like military bumper cars parks, with enemy hovercrafts zooming around incessantly and mauling unaware players. Trying to make your way through these tight, maze-like spaces while tanks and helicopters do doughnuts around you isn't exactly the most engaging experience you can have in a modern shooter.

While the game does have some moments of "Oh wow that was cool," it's sporadic. The time between those moments is a slog, with an experience far different from that of similar games or previous Battlefield titles.

David Sunnyside
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